Monday, March 15, 2021

Spring Thaw

Let it all melt

may it not snow again for 1000 days

I take it all back

what I said last November about cleansings and blessings 

I lied

Believe me I’m as surprised as you

I should be banished from these  mountains for uttering such blasphemy 

Though this current winter has had its moments I’ll admit.

Small children ski their first slope

smooth sweet agile 

buses filled with hopeful skiers 

you will remember the 

‘I’m-so-lucky three-day weekend,’

depart with breathy memory of sweet air and evergreens

why, I bet you even thought the booze tasted better.

Re-entry to your suburbs and cities will be a total drag 

though you’re welcome to return.

But me? 

I’m done

these past virusy months I watched snows fall from a never-ending gray canopy

Those things I thought I loved?

Jotul warmth


Petting cats

Holing up. 

Cooking stew. 

Baking cookies

I never want to taste a winter stew again, I see no reason for parsnips 

I will leave the baking to other  women 

and practice being a woman in my own way. 


a sigh of relief

sun shadows trail across my hands

eyes adapt to February brightness

Vermont - I will abide 

but I haven’t changed my mind

may it all melt

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