Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Family of Guns

Swore to god

I’d never own a gun

I’m afraid of them. 

Pacifist, non-violent

peace signs adorn my house

to own a gun means more violence

promotes more gun-nage. 

My friend’s daughter

lives in D.C.

the daughter, super liberal

champion of the weary

out on the streets, 

she knows 

cops can help,

and sometimes they hurt

schism on every level 

“It’s coming,” she says

the day when everyone

will need a gun

want a gun 

own a gun

Not me

until he stood in our kitchen

“Remember that conversation about guns?”

He lifted it out of the locked-down case

ultra sleek

pretty, dark charcoal-tint  

cold blue steel 

and me, such a sucker for color 

Here, hold it. 

you’ll learn

fits so comfortably in

small, gentle fingers

grip firm

don’t point

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