Monday, September 20, 2021


Did you lose someone?

was it a friend 

your mother

your German shepherd who never did one wrong thing

no harsh words to justify or 

soothe the separation 

there was only its unconditional loyalty 

We live with this knowing: 

it is enough 

to mind the heart;

make an intention to consider its

open softness and vulnerability 

avoid careless consumption 

Whoever claims they could not help, and discarded this coda - 

simply could not.

Thus, loss is understandable


an end characteristically,

necessarily buried

like the death it is

Birds become strangers 

they’re leaving now

this morning when I woke

Canada geese in V formation

seemingly detached 

as if not a care

But they do care …

for themselves 

according to rules of the natural world 

Watch in stillness 

they rest gently in the field


before lifting off once more

Fly into serenity

safe warmth 

a wild tending 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Voice of the Falls

I swing my feet from the wooden bridge

And want to fling a clog off into the rushing below

But what would I do with only one shoe?

So I rethink my desire


Raising up toward a blue glimpse

The evergreen whispers, “Come closer.”

That message, pure, clear and deep

Resonates my necessary sorrow

Which pulls the weight of an entire universe


She would set the house ready 

Whisking away winter‘s grime,
she wiped the windows of our souls clean,
then poured the used-up water on the roots of a backyard forsythia

Lenten offerings made in silence

I recall the bulb, its fragrance like a prayer, leaves firm  pointed toward heaven

A scent not unlike her own
all my springs ever since