Thursday, July 29, 2021

Recycled Earth

Musical garbage

the rustle of illegal plastic bags,

some large enough to suffocate a baby seal

A needle lands in the local dump

eventually floats off into an ocean 

sometimes dolphins wonder 

what the needles taste like. 

Beer bottles drained

during an evening with friends 

lined up on a marble countertop,

they should be recycled

instead, the town collects and then buries them out in the desert.

Lush green lawns 

add a dash of fertilizer

it’s the perfect toxic cocktail 

May I have a water chaser with that? 

So much water 

water in my bath like an ocean

I don’t actually bathe, I swim 

I swim to the moon

Before I take off, 

I gather the bags

broken appliances

medical waste

fake palm fronds

I am the pilot 

who promised she would help

I collect all this plastic in an

ironic plastic container,

so big 

I hope there’s room on the moon

in the middle of a crater

on the far side 

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