Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Day Sense

Every day belongs to you

so remember

feed the brain, hug the heart,

go easy on the liver

embrace the commute, 

the flow and calming rhythm of

office, work, food, sleep, family

don’t forget nature and music 

loyalties and sensibilities matter

whether in a city high rise 

a town hall

a country store 

or even a dentist’s office

calculate math

mix chemicals

write the essay 

apply the salve 

make history


save money 

listen well

help others 

(I mean, really - 

isn’t it the right thing to do?)

help others help you

show up early 

(someone will notice)

take a sick day


I urge you to

consider problems in the morning

sit at your desk 

feign deep thought

press cup of coffee

to forehead

as if you’re a magician

preparing to guess which playing card will appear next

when someone passes

and gives you the eye

maybe smile politely 

keep a sign nearby that says

“Work in Progress”

leave space for resolution 

I promise 

you will be saved later, that very same day

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