Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Opening


The Opening

January 21, 2021

Come into my house

sweet people

little ones with stories

I have missed you

Strangers no more

time and space reclaimed

we shall grow to know each other better  

Between politics and pandemic there has been much 






Come to me,

new friend

let us cultivate the thrill of our novelty with

bold humor

new music

forget work and responsibility for a while 

make curry

drink deep dark wine

skip school and go hiking in the wild

Come back into my life,

old friend 

my Constant

Stream of thought and being

always known,

too long forgotten  

all because of mutual misunderstandings

Skewed ideals 

Quick tempers


Devious plots

Angry fires

I promise now,

hand on my heart 

if it convinces you further

Come into my house

I will remember kindness

share softness 

dispel your fear 

feed the hunger

listen to your stories 


  1. I would gladly come into your house again, dear friend. Your poetry, like the divine being you are, is beautiful.